2061 Inmoral Lidos

Dark Pools are an emerging format of secret, algorithmic stock trading with an increasing impact on global economics. Based on the method of 'semantic fields', generated by interviews with experts, Synsmaskinen have created an artwork that ’bounces’ off the opaque surface of the Dark Pools and shapes a bended universe, part fiction, part wild research.
In a year-long artistic investigation of the phenomena of Dark Pools and their principal inaccessibility, Benedicte Clementsen, Frans Jacobi and Discoteca Flaming Star, have produced a pool of texts, that attempts to penetrate the phenomena of the Dark Pools, not by revealing their hidden powers – by the end of the day they are like any stockmarket, just better – but by carving out their liquid desires and by investigating how these structures cast enigmatic shadows unto their surroundings. These are the pools of twisted fantasies that are explored in 2061 INMORAL LIDOS. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2018|
University Settlement - The Performance Project | 184 Eldridge St | New York City

Saturday, June 16, 2018
Grüner Salon / Volksbühne / Berlin

30.5. & 31.5. 2017
Research Pavilion / Sala del Camino, Campo S. Cosmo, Giudecca / Venice


Frans Jacobi, Benedicte Clementsen, Wolfgang Mayer, Cristina Gomez Barrio, Discoteca Flaming Star + Robert M Ochshorn, James Galbraith, Miss Sherrie Vine, Sara Pereira, Dagmar Gabler, Anita Di Bianco, Valentina Mayer Gomez, Brett Scott & Super Heavy Metal (Kim Åke Furuhaug)

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