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● 16/07/2015
Discoteca Flaming Star, poems in relation the work on Dark Pools

Undressed Sun

Its getten near dawn
On a unique gong
On a biside bedside
On a bedsitters investment

I´v been waitin so long
Breaking the mold
69 old
6 were told

Dancing dancing
2 was unveiled
Greenspan screen
Updating a light

Welcome to my jungle
On the beach to Mars
Flash cards the other day
Shaking and taking

I look so good in a glass pot
I look so good in me
Flea to point 2
Too avantgarde to die

Dark wind bless me today
Equity multi all
Stepping thy bright future
Glass you are us darkness

Breed the sick
Kids in wheelchairs
Humbled and bumbled bees
Fast and anonymous holes

Guadalix, 16.Juli 2015