MASKIN (the machine) documents the artistic research processes of SYNSMASKINEN in various ways. The content of the machine is organised by a list of tags, that filters the entries. By clicking a tag, its possible to access the documents according to their content or by their contributors.

The first layer of tags consist of the titles of the ongoing projects.

The second layer of tags consist of all participants names.

The third layer of tags is thematic. Various themes and issues that emerge in the research projects, tags the documents and can be used to filter the content. These thematic #tags also exists as so-called STOCK-CHARACTERS, that in various ways infiltrates the research and the resulting art-works.

The fourth layer of tags are systemic. They all refer to the internal dialogues and discussions on the system and process of SYNSMASKINEN itself.

● 30/05/2017

2061 INMORAL LIDOS (outtake no1) A financial crisis task force entertainment operation featuring Discoteca Flaming Star, Frans Jacobi, Benedicte Clementsen with special guests: Brett Scott, Super Heavy Metal 30.5.2017 & 31.5.2017 Research Pavilion Sala del Camino, Giudecca Venice